Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Fire and Smoke Damage to a Factory in Phoenix

The fire & smoke damage to this specific fabrication plant in Phoenix resulted in structural, inventory, and equipment damage in varying degrees (no pun int... READ MORE

Central City Phoenix Flooding in Restroom

This public restroom in Central City Phoenix suffered a water supply line leak. The water soaked into the walls of the poorly sealed baseboard areas and loosene... READ MORE

Commercial Damage In Central City Phoenix

When your commercial property experiences a water damage emergency the experts at SERVPRO are ready and available 24/7. We are the best in the industry, and our... READ MORE

Conference Center and Water Damage Mitigation

Broken pipes in a commercial building whether in Phoenix or Central Phoenix City can have a very disruptive effect upon on-going scheduled events. SERVPRO is re... READ MORE

Phoenix Office and Standing Water

Failed plumbing infrastructure often leads to pools of water bringing business activity to a standstill. Lost revenue and disruption of client expectations need... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Phoenix

Commercial water damage was sustained by this Phoenix office complex when an overhead pipe burst in the middle of the night. Building management called in SERVP... READ MORE