Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage – Phoenix

Fire damage at Phoenix commercial or residential sites leaves behind noxious odors from the extinguished fire. The photo shows a hydroxyl generator which is used to help reduce that telltale odor of smoke after a fire. One advantage of using the hydroxyl generator is the occupants of a home or business can remain in the facility as there is no ozone used in the operation of this equipment.

Phoenix AZ Smoke and Fire Damaged Property

Often the most destructive result of a house fire in Phoenix is the smoke coating and the odor permeating throughout the structure. SERVPRO has all the equipment necessary to grapple with the worst fears of the homeowners and make them feel "Like it never even happened."

Soot Damage In Arcadia

Soot can cause significant damage to your home, and our team can help you! We are accessible 24/7 and our fast response time will help prevent any additional damage. We have the advanced equipment and soot damage experience to restore your home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage - Phoenix Condominium

Fire damage at this Phoenix condo began on the stovetop. The fire was a grease fire, and grease fires burn very hotly creating a tremendous amount of soot and smoke damage. The photo clearly shows how much soot and smoke covered the ceiling. SERVPRO of East Phoenix has specially trained and certified technicians on staff to help remediate any soot and smoke damage.

East Phoenix Fire Damaged Garage

The fire started from the pressure washer contact with oily rags ravaged damage on this East Phoenix garage. The fire damaged materials were cleaned up by our SERVPRO FST technicians before the restoration and rebuild work could begin.

East Phoenix Smoke Damage

The fire spread a film of smoke in this East Phoenix home. Wiping down the walls and ceilings with dry sponges can produce a satisfactory result. The popped out nail heads caused by the heat can be banged in, the holes spackled, sanded, primed, and finish coated. SERVPRO technicians can help in many different aspects of fire and smoke damage.