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Tips to Protect Your Business from an Electrical Fires

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

Unfortunately, many fires that occur at businesses are caused by electrical issues; many which could have been prevented with a little maintenance and diligence. Here at SERVPRO of East Phoenix, we have a few tips to protect your business from an electrical fire.

Regular inspection is the key to prevention

One of the most important steps you can take is to have your business inspected for any hazardous situations that could cause an electrical fire. A licensed electrician can help to keep you, your employees, and your business property safe by letting you know what needs to be done after a thorough assessment. One example is to replace wiring in an older building; a common cause of electrical fires and not easily spotted by business owners. Make a commitment to do this and protect your business.

Cords and plugs are a common source of fire

A common cause of electrical fires in businesses and homes is an electrical cord, plug, or damaged outlet causing a spark and leading to fire. If these items are found to be tattered, frayed, or otherwise worn out or even worse, showing burn signs, they should be replaced immediately. Surprisingly, these too can be overlooked because they are often under desks and behind furniture and can go undetected. Cords in poor condition can overheat or cause a spark, which can lead to a full-blown fire. Replacing damaged cords is a simple and relatively inexpensive protect against electrical fires. Faulty wiring is yet another hazard, and if a flickering lamp or sparking outlet is something you are experiencing, contact a licensed electrician your area to make the necessary repairs. If anything that conducts electricity feels warm to the touch, have your electrician check it out to see if it needs to be replaced. When was the last time you looked at ALL your electrical cords and plugs? Now is the time!

Overloaded outlets

Businesses are all about connectivity nowadays, and it seems like everything needs to be plugged in somewhere at some point to work. Tempting as it may be, take steps to avoid overloading your outlets. Just because the socket is empty, you should not add multiple sockets to an outlet to help run more machines. Overburdened sockets are a risk factor for an electrical fire. The United States Fire Administration recommends that you buy power strips equipped with internal overload protection; this feature will ensure that a strip shuts off its power supply as soon as it becomes overloaded, helping prevent fire damage. Be frugal about how much you try to plug in to your outlets!

Space heaters are a possible fire source

While you would think space heaters aren’t such an issue in Arizona, they are, especially in office building where frigid A/C temperatures tempt people to tuck a small space heater under their desk for relief. The challenge is that any appliance that plugs in can be dangerous if not used carefully, and space heaters are often a culprit. Flammable materials such as paper, cardboard, and rugs need to be watched and kept away from any equipment that produces heat or can overheat. Take a look under your office desks: do you see heaters next to file boxes? Time to clear an area around that space heater for safety!

SERVPRO of East Phoenix can help with any fire damage remediation issues you may have. We are available 24/7 to help you.

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