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Avoid Monsoon Storm Damage to Your Roof

10/18/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage to a roof in Phoenix when a tree falls on top of it. A Phoenix home suffers damage to the roof during a storm.

Every summer in Arizona, homes in Phoenix face all the aggressive elements of the Monsoon season, leaving behind a lot of homes with roof damages from a storm. The Monsoon season runs from June 15th throughout September’s end bringing towering walls of rolling dust, fierce winds, rain and occasionally some hail. These elements are especially harsh on roofs that have not been kept up and maintained.

When your home has damage to the roof from a storm, the issues are compounded, affecting both the interior and the exterior of your home. Rain tends to get through the cracks in the roof, or it will collect in pools, especially on flat roofs, causing the roof to spring a leak on the inside. Now you have storm damages to you roof and water damages to your ceiling and wall. The professional storm damage specialists at SERVPRO of East Phoenix have some tips to help save your roof, your home, and your bank account from the wrath of a Phoenix monsoon season.

Stop Trees from Causing Roof Damage During a Monsoon Storm

If you have any big trees around your home, inspect them often to make sure that there are no branches hovering around or over the roof. Branches snap off easily and will start to poke holes in the roof. Keep the large trees around the home healthy. Monsoon rain can get pretty heavy, which corrodes the soil surrounding the tree, compromising its health.

Another issue with the hovering tree branches are the bees that love to swarm around them, often building nests right in the roof of your home. The structure will weaken quicker than normally, leaving all kinds of vulnerabilities for a Monsoon storm to damage your roof.

Preventing Storm Damages With Roof Inspections

The storm damage specialists at SERVPRO of East Phoenix highly recommend regular inspections for the roof of your home. Routine inspections will help address issues before they become disasters like a caved in roof in the midst of a Monsoon storm.

Our techs are storm damage specialists always reiterate keeping the house gutters and downspouts clean and clear of any debris. Leaves and tiny branches often clog up the gutters and downspouts hindering the water from draining the way it’s supposed to. The water then pools up on the roof or overflows over in spots that aren’t made to facilitate a lot of water. The rain water will begin pooling around the foundation of your home which causes stress on it, weakening the structure.

Restoration for Storm Damage to Your Roof in Phoenix

If you do find yourself one day with damage to your roof from a storm, SERVPRO of East Phoenix can help. Our certified technicians are specialists in storm damage and are fast at identifying the source of the issue and addressing it quickly to prevent more damage from happening. Give us call 24/7 any day of the year for a fast response to an emergency 602-507-6163.

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